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Nicholls renovations undertake a lot of roof constructions as part of our property renovation service, but we also offer our roofing services as a separate entity. Our roofing department carry out complete roof replacements/constructions as well as both major and minor repairs. No matter the size of your roofing problem we will happily apply our expertise to provide a fast and reliable solution. We have experience in all styles of roofing and have provided our services to clients worldwide.

When a roof is constructed or renovated it is essential that the structure is anchored correctly to the building and is strong enough to support the weight of the tiles or slates placed upon it. It is also necessary that the roof remains solid to prevent sagging in later years. There are many considerations when designing and erecting a new roof and at Nicholls Renovations we have many years experience of building strong structures that withstand the severity of varied weather patterns. We have a wide knowledge of different roof designs that will suit your home and budget, and we pride ourselves on quoting accurate prices and completion times. If you have a renovation project or require a new roof then please contact us at Nicholls Renovations and we will be delighted to discuss your needs.

The comfort and security or your home starts with the roof. A great deal of damage to your property can transpire as a result of water penetrating through broken or missing tiles, a chimney that needs re-pointing or flashing that needs replacing. When repairs of this nature are done speedily and efficiently, they are not expensive and will save money repairing costly water damage. If you have a concern about your roof then please contact us and we will hopefully be able to solve your problem for a lot less cost than you might think, in all cases we will quote a fair and accurate price and carry out the work to the highest standard.

We carry out all types of roof repairs including: replace missing or broken tiles (slates), replace broken or fatigued clips, replace or re-point ridge tiles, replace rotten timbers and trusses, repair or replace soffit boards, re-point chimneys, replace flashing, repair or replace guttering, repair or replace dormer and Velux windows, and increase ventilation to prevent condensation. We are happy to do all jobs no matter the size, from re-slating your entire roof to replacing a few tiles, slates or clips, please contact us with your requirements.

A lot of extra living space can be claimed by a loft conversion and this normally necessitates the fitting of either dormer or Velux windows. We can fit any type of roof window and match it to the other features of your house, in many cases a project of this nature will require planning permission and we will happily administrate this for you. We will also be delighted to quote you for the entire loft conversion and will manage the whole task from concept to the final coat of paint. If you require an additional window to an existing loft conversion then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

This page contains some samples of the work that we have carried out and you will find more examples on our “Property Renovation” page. These pictures do not represent all of our work as we are much better at building than we are at taking photographs! We will happily show you more of our work upon request and provide references from our happy customers.
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